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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thing #6 - Mashups

                   OUR FIRST CRUISE

Mosaic maker has been a blast!  I took all those great photos from a cruise and put them into one beautiful picture.  I can see using this with my students for a variety of applications.  What a great way to remember a class field trip! 

Jigsaw was a lot of fun too!  The kids would absolutely love doing something like this.  Imagine the possibilities!   

                         WELCOME TO JAMAICA

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thing #5 - Flickr

Flickr- I'm still not comfortable with this one.  I've been playing with it for awhile, but I'm just not exactly sure how I'm going to use it in the library with all levels.  In the secondary setting it's applications are obvious to me.  It's the elementary setting that is perplexing me.  I know that students can use it for downloading pictures for powerpoints, glogsters, etc., but past that I don't know.  I really liked the explanations they shared on use and copyrights for the pictures.  The variety of pictures available is astounding - make sure you search by "tags."   My biggest question is, "Where was this sight when I taught World Geography?"

Photo by :  Lester Public Library                                    

Photo by:  Altus

Thing #4

I'm registered (Feb. 3, 2010) and beginning the journey today! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thing #3

Creating a blog:  Don't laugh - it took me forever! Read this, click here, don't forget this, did you remember to ....  Just shoot me now!  I think I finally got it right - but what does that really mean?  Like I said earlier - I enjoy learning but some things take me longer than others.   Next time will be a lot faster.  I think I'm finally ready for the journey of 23 Things - it just may be a little bumpy at times.  I need to rest now!

Thing #2

7 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners:  I dont' know too many teachers who aren't successful learners.  Being a "lifelong learner" is definitely the key.  My grandfather was a teacher and his motto was, "If you didn't learn anything new today - what was the point of getting out of bed?"  He was right!  I can't imagine living everyday without learning anything.  I would have to say Habit 2 is the easiest for me.  Accepting responsibility for my own learning and being an active participant comes second nature.  I enjoy learning and I enjoy helping others learn. 
Habit 6 is definitely the challenge for me.  I wasn't raised using IPods and MP3 players but fortunately I'm not afraid to try.  It just takes me a little longer to figure things out sometimes.