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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thing # 10 - Online Image Generator

These are  my babies!  What a great way to show them off.  I think Trading Card Maker is a lot of fun to use.  I can see my students using this to create a book review or a new way to do a character map. 

I created a Wordle near the top of my blog to represent me.  Instead of doing a regular wordsplash on the board, I think creating a wordle would be a lot more fun. This would be a neat way to introduce a new concept or bring out prior knowledge before a new unit of study.  The kids could make them for individual characters from stories that they read and then have other students try to figure out what character they were talking about or what story they came from.

Glogster is a really neat program - but I use the educational version, not the regular one.  My students used it earlier this year to wrap up a novel they read.  They were required to have atleast 4 text boxes, along with 4 images.  They were also required to include a new wallpaper and one JPEG from a powerpoint slide that they had created specifically for this project.  The text boxes included information like figurative language, quotes from the book, character traits, and history of the Native Americans represented in the novel.  I found this program to be very user friendly.


  1. your Glogster project sounds interesting...do you have any samples you post for us to see?

  2. Love the trading card of your pups! Thanks for sharing a great idea too: having kids make trading cards for book reviews. I'm always looking for ways to get to know the kids at the beginning of the year. What do you think of having the kids make a card about themselves or something important to them, like their pets?

  3. I think a trading card about themselves or something important to them would be cool. Imagine using a trading card to introduce yourself to the rest of the class at the beginning of the year?

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