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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thing #7 - Google

I had no idea that Google had so many applications.  I loved looking at all the 3-D clips on Google Earth Blog and the Google earth sightseer offers up-to-date information and fun things for kids to learn about.   

I enjoyed looking at all the neat experiments at Google Labs.  I cannot believe things have gotten so high-tech.  Google shopper could become a real problem for people like me.

I found some great free clip-art while playing with Google - I just can't remember where.  Sorry!

I forgot to discuss Google Docs in my original post.  Wow!  Again, I never realized these functions existed.  The one that really got me excited was the ability to load all the user-safe powerpoints into a google account and then make the presentations from there.  This will increase the number of students truly paying attention during presentations.   If you have ever suffered through kids making powerpoints presentations the old fashion way - you will appreciate this new capability.  OMG it is painful!!  I was also excited about the "share and collaborate in real time" capability.  Whenever you are creating a document that will be used by more than one person, it is great that everyone can see it and work on it together. 


  1. do you have any thoughts about google Docs?

  2. thanks for reminding me Vaughn! I went back and fixed it.