Wordle: Diane

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thing #13 - Tagging

Finally, something to help people like me get organized.  God bless!  I think the opportunity for teachers and librarians to be able to share their research is a huge benefit.  Delicious and Diigo provide a wonderful, free service.  This is a perfect example of "synergizing."  Two heads are better than one.  I know many times the person who I plan lessons with will have found different sites from mine.  The ability to share will benefit everyone.  Plus, think about the time saved.  Time is something that none of us have enough of. 

I think the podcast "Learning 2.0 and Delicious" was very helpful.  It is important, when introducing something new, to provide clear and easy to understand explanations.  From my understanding, we are not able to access Delicious from Katy ISD.  I spent the majority of my time focusing on Diigo.  I really liked the fact that they have a special educator account.  This feature allows a teacher to set-up student accounts for an entire class and they become a group.  They will be able to share information among each other.  Wow!  Imagine students doing Big6 with this tool in their toolbox.  I feel the most beneficial part of this for teachers is that many times we are not at our personal computer and it is frustrating to know that you have a bookmark you can't access.  For example, when I take my students to the computer lab, I can't pull up my personal bookmarks.  Now I will have access wherever I am. 


  1. Hey Diane! Sorry, that it took me so long to respond, I was on an internet brain block for the last week :) In order to take a picture of what is on your screen, you click on the "print screen" button. I'm not sure if it is the same on all computers, but mine is located in the top right corner. This will copy the screen, so you then need to open word or paint and then paste it. Hope this helps!

  2. Tagging will be the next "Thing" on my list to accomplish! Thanks for letting us know that you found it beneficial :-)