Wordle: Diane

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thing #12 - Creating Community Through Commenting

I learned a lot about blogging by reading the articles.  I didn't realize there was an etiquette for blogging.  I found 10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog to be very helpful.  The first thing I did halfway through reading the article was to go back and add a question to my last post.  I think asking questions in your blog is a great idea!   I also appreciated what the Cool Cat Teacher Blog discussed.  I truly appreciated "write a meaningful comment."  Too many times people are saying, "Yeah" or "Exactly."  Real communication needs to include thinking or feeling and when people write something they want to know that they have "touched" someone else. 

I really enjoyed commenting on other people's blogs from our class.  I haven't done much of that before this because I have been worried about keeping up with this project.  It was really fun and I will continue doing it.  It really is a neat way to get to know people.

Every week I yell at the tv whenever "Shear Genius" comes on.  It's not the best show, but it's interesting to watch some of the looks that the hairstylists come up with.  The new host is Camilla Alves.  She drives me crazy!  I can't understand a word she says - she ruins the show.  I went to BravoTV.com and commented.  I couldn't believe the nasty things that people were saying.  Mine was very tame.


  1. Adding a question is a great way to generate conversation...and makes it easier for folks to comment with purpose.

    I rarely read comments about my favorite shows because so many people go off topic...and use language that I don't like dealing with...really ruins what could be a fun thing, don't you think?

  2. I totally agree with you. When people use inappropriate language it detracts from the point of what is being said and the purpose of blogging. Thanks