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Monday, March 15, 2010

Thing #9 - Creating Your Circle of Wise

All of this is really new to me.  The Cool Cat Teacher Blog offered a lot of critical information.  The article on "How to Create your Circle of Wise" was very informative.  Being new to blogging, I enjoyed the way Davis broke down the topic into several categories and discussed each.  I never really thought about bloggers in terms of "types" - the conversationalists and the egotists.  Now that I am reading blogs - I see her point.  I totally agree that this information will help me do a better job of choosing those RSS feeds that truly fit my needs.  I definitely don't need to be reading MSNBC when I have access to Fox News.  I wonder if I made more friends or enemies with that statement?  I really like Blue Skunk Blog and ALA Connect.  I enjoy just sitting there and reading what other people have to say.

I enjoyed using the search tool Topix.net.   It was user friendly and it provided a large number of  "results."  I found School Library Blogs on Suprglu frustrating.  At first I couldn't get the link to work.  Eventually I figured out the problem  and was then able to use it.  I didn't really find it helpful and it wasn't visually appealing.   As trivial as it may seem - sometimes visual appeal is important. 


  1. of the search tools listed, which one did you find the most useful?

  2. You are so good - thanks for saving me. I went back and fixed it.