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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thing #14 - Tags - What a great idea!

Technorati was a whole new world for me.  This project has been one new experience after another.  You hear about "tags" and you can imagine how useful they are, but until you actually start playing around with them, you have no idea how helpful they can really be.  It was interesting to learn that now they are being used as part of marketing strategies, as well as for personal use by web users. 

I spent a long time searching on Technorati.  The information that popped up with blogs versus posts was very different, but equally useful.  One of the searches I did was on libraries.  Two of the articles were valuable in terms of presenting a "case" for how important libraries are and the real need to invest money in updating them.  Of course, there were articles to the contrary.  There will always be a  contradiction.

I think delicious, Flickr and Technorati offer a very useful service.  By tagging information, it allows teachers to quickly find necessary information.  Teachers today have too many demands on their time and anything that makes their job easier is "great" in my book. 


  1. You don't have to go to NJ for a contradiction...EVEN tho' usage has been up in the recent weak economy, HPL has found it necessary to cut back further on their "open" hours in order to meet budget cuts the city is experiencing...making 24/7 wall-less library support services all the more critical!
    Do you think the cutbacks in public library services will increase use of school libraries?

  2. I think that's a great question. I beleve if we were open - the usage would increase. I'm not sure how Spring Branch runs their schools - but libraries in Katy don't seem to be open other than school hours. From what I understand, there are two central issues: the first one is liability and the second one is paying staff to be there. So many things come down to money.