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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thing 15 - Perspectives

I think it's interesting to read all the different perspectives on the future of libraries.  Nobody is really sure what every aspect will look like, but everybody has their set of ideas.  In "To better bibliographic services ," Riemer thinks we should have web features on our library sites.  He thinks we should let kids write book reviews and create tags on our library websites (i.e. Amazon and Google. )  I also liked his discussion of "metadata."  He did a good job of helping me understand how information was layered into databases by embedding additional information into topics.  I knew this, but his short blurb helped me "see" it.
Dr. Schultz really connected with me in "To a temporary place in time... "  I loved the way she discussed the progression of libraries.  I also benefitted from reading "Visioning the school library 2.0."  I liked how this article discussed "a vision - not the vision."  Nobody is sure exactly how it's going to look, or if there should only be one way.  With 2.0 everything should constantly be changing or evolving.

What do you think?  There is so much to think about when it comes to the future of libraries.


  1. We are in the process of adding the student book review feature to our OPAC...we have had ways for students to share book reivews in a public forum in the past, but the prospect of it being much more "official" in being tied to the OPAC is quite exciting!

  2. Peaches:

    I agree with you, everything will be changing as we navigate through the Web 2.0 library. I think that the idea of web features on our library sites will help the students quickly learn how to use the site. The structure will be something with which they are already familiar. This will increase use and as a result, productivity. I realize that this is just an opinion, but as we make the changes VWB mentioned we should have data that will either support or refute this premise. Here's hoping!

  3. The item you point out in Reimer's article with patrons being able to tag and review books on the library website underscores the fact that "everything" (including libraries) is under influence of social media. How far will interaction go? One thing is for sure...change!