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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thing 18 - Online Productivity Tools

I'm very disappointed with this one.  I really wanted to check-out OpenOffice but it wouldn't download.  While looking at the overview, there was a specific section labeled for "education."  Perhaps in the future it will cooperate. 

GoogleDocs did work.  This site offered a lot of options.  You can use it for spreadsheets, budgets, powerpoints, calendars and more.  I think my favorite was Jeopardy

I think the options that GoogleDocs offers is great.  The ability for more than one person to work on a document is really neat - especially with all this talk about collaborating.  One thing that annoys me about OpenOffice is that you have to download it.  I like being able to access GoogleDocs without downloading a major program - just individual templates.   If you have had a great experience with OpenOffice share it with me.

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  1. hummm dion't knw what the issues with OO were. Maybe someone will come to your aid as you requested.
    The downloading is partly why I like googleDocs...i can be on any computer and see my work!