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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thing #23 - I made it!

I can't believe I finally finished. When I think back to how long it took me to get my blog started, it is a huge relief to have made it through. But honestly, I have had a lot of fun and I'm amazed at how much I have learned. I have already started using a few of the "things" with my kids.

1. Out of everything we worked on I have to say my favorite was
bighugelabs. Everything from the mosaic maker to the trading cards was great! There were so many things to do you couldn't do them all. Wow! I am so glad that I learned about this one.

2. Working on a project like this really changes your thinking. You know you have a lot to learn, but until you actually become immersed in this new world, you're clueless. It reminds me of what Dr. Claes always tells us, "You don't know what you don't know." Now that I know all of these wonderful tools are out there I will start using them with my students. Web 2.0 supports information literacy - teaching critical thinking skills and problem solving. You can't complete these types of activities without using these skills.

3. I feel the most surprising thing about this whole assignment is that I finally "get" blogging. I am 45 years old. I was not raised on a computer - I was raised with telephones and cell phones. Everytime someone would tell me how much time they spent on
Facebook or Twitter, I would think how stupid. Why would anyone spend so much time typing up their thoughts and feelings on a computer when they could just call a friend on the phone? Now that I have been working with this blog for several weeks I finally understand the fascination with it. It is uplifting when someone has commented on something you shared.

4. Question four is a tough one. At first I would have said a few more instructions would have been nice. There were several "moments of frustration." The thought of tossing my laptop brought a smile to my face many times. Now, thinking back over the whole experience, I would say the directions were fine just the way they were. The more you have to work at something - the more you learn. And let's be honest, the different areas of expertise each of us brought to the table created a sense of camaraderie. We all asked each other questions as we worked through this.

5. If you were to add another session like this, I would definitely participate. I am a lifelong learner, so anytime there is an opportunity to "add to my toolbox," count me in!

6. This experience was "well worth the stress." I enjoyed learning new things and felt a sense of satisfaction everytime I completed one - but I definitely leave with newly acquired grey hairs.

Well I'm off to do so commenting. Stay tuned for future updates. Remember - Same time, same place, same bat channel ..... or something like that!


  1. Congratulations on getting it..getting it all..the skills and the ideas like how working thru problem spots only make your learning "stick" better!

    I really like this statement
    "Web 2.0 supports information literacy - teaching critical thinking skills and problem solving. You can't complete these types of activities without using these skills." ..and will add it to my discussions...with your permission!

    and yes, more learning is available if you want it...Library2Play 2 11.5 More Things

  2. Diane,
    I am so happy for your for completing this journey. I'm also glad that during your journey we have become friends. It was so comforting to know that we could text or call each other and work through the problems together. I hope that this friendship continues through our all journeys on the way to becomign a librarian.