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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thing #21 - Podcasts and Videocasts

I was really enjoying using Photostory until I couldn't get it loaded onto my blog. The directions on how to load it looked very user-friendly. Unfortunately, the icon that I'm suppose to click on (the little filmstrip) isn't on my toolbar. Now what? I'm clueless.

Thank God the HELP button really finds help for your questions. I typed in my question and it actually gave me the correct answer to solve my problem. The "help" button with most software stinks!

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  1. After all your hard work, I can't see the PS becasue Blogger currently says it is not available! That has been happening a lot lately. I'll come back and view the fruit of your labor later.
    Isn't it great when the help pages really do help?!
    I will have to make the old vs new editor thing a part of my regular reminders...not sure I understand it, but I will warn new bloggers about it....I had anotehr incident where something didn't work and it turned outto be that!

  2. I'm not sure what happened. It worked fine this morning at 8:30 when I showed my students. Technology can be tempermental - just like people. In regards to the "help" button - I was very surprised I actually found the answer. In my experience, the "help" button is a joke that never offers anything but more frustration.

  3. What a beautiful photostory! I know you must feel that all of the frustration was worth it when you finally got it posted. That is how I felt.

  4. You have put together a wonderful memory and I did not have any trouble seeing the story. I really like your choice of music with the pictures. I think that this will be a really good tool for the elementary grades. I can't wait to try it with the students.

  5. You have some great pictures in your Photostory! It looks like it could be a professional advertisement for the cruise line. Job well done!

  6. What a lovely photostory!!!! Like it.
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